Empowering High Performance and Cultural Change through Intentional Leadership and Creative Collaboration

​The Napier Group provides consultation, coaching, experiential training and facilitation addressing “live” issues in “real time”. We believe our clients can fix themselves.

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What We Do

Addressing dysfunctions that hinder high performance requires solutions that meet the special interests and unique needs of every organization, team or individual. The diagnosis begins the customized intervention, then, we bring our design experience to the issue at hand. Inevitably, it results in a new perspective, deeper understanding or innovation.

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What Makes Us Different

Since most people and teams run on old habits, they tend to limit their own “choices” in any situation. It is our goal to help them expand their choices.

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​Our greatest successes are the individuals and organizations who have internalized the training and skills. It’s these relationships that deepen into mentoring or coaching engagements where the design advice or training conversation replaces onsite facilitation.

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​Meetings are still the most highly rated aspect of my senior staff relationships thanks to you.  I still use the designs you taught us.  "Seduction of the Leader" is a no-no that we try to combat with training and modeling the behavior of openness with open office hours for me and every vice president of the university.

​As you’ve requested – and in the spirit of giving feedback –I thought the training was excellent, and well worth the time.  Knowing that the entire organization is going through this training and that each of us will be responsible and accountable to practice these behaviors and tools is such a great step in the right direction!

​Fantastic job executing your agenda with such a large group of type A personalities. My compliments for your patience – we tend to be a rather unruly group at times and you kept us on task.

​I have my master’s in MDHR and it was refreshing to see how you were able to translate theory into the experience for the group. My organizational change and theory classes don’t hold a candle to the modeling and experience you provided.

​It was a humbling experience - thinking I was doing it all right only to see I need to make changes to my leadership style. Also, it will deliver a powerful message to the field in regards of the true togetherness of management now that the merge is complete.

​Observing and evaluating the other team’s meeting really opened my eyes to how sometimes meetings can be overtaken by a few people while valuable feedback from others is lost.

​Overall, was so thoroughly pleased and satisfied from this course. Don't think I will fully understand all my learnings - personal and as a coach - for some time.

​Rewarding! I would like to conduct the training again along with my team and or the entire branch. This needs to be taught at all levels of the organization.

​I appreciated Rod’s authenticity and his willingness to challenge us. He forced us to think critically, and that helped in our evolution from a bunch of individuals to a group. Rod was Rod; forceful when necessary and caring and compassionate during times of fatigue or anxiety. His meticulous planning of the five days was very well thought out and innovative.

​The activities and instruction/leadership were phenomenal. The GLI design was awesome - everything tied in together beautifully. It was an incredible learning experience. I especially appreciated how each facilitator brought a different perspective.

​The most valuable and helpful part of the retreat was that the team was able to identify and address issues to improve the team dynamic and ultimately, the performance of the team.

​The Napier Group always does a great job bridging the gap between training theory and practical application. The facilitators truly know and understand the subject matter, and make it fun for the rest of us to learn.

​Unlike any course I’ve ever taken, this training is about the core of good leadership and management - not about concepts of leadership; it’s about what you DO to become a better leader.