Intentional Leadership and Creative Collaboration

​Increasingly in a team-based culture, high performance is hindered by the lack of fundamental leadership skills and essential understanding of group dynamics necessary for creative collaboration. Organizations and teams tend to be crisis reactive. Most people, and teams, run on old behavior habits, limiting their own “choices”. It is our task - through facilitation and training - to help them expand their choices.

Intentional Leadership is a highly disciplined way of thinking about leadership. It assumes that every action taken by an individual, leader or team is deliberate and has focused its potential goal or consequence on both a task/product (the “what” of the action) as well as the process (the “how” of the action). This rigorous approach is effective and sustainable through diagnosis and design. 

Organizations are organic and ever-changing, so we can’t just overlay a “template” intervention or training.  Instead, we customize a design and facilitate specifically for the goals of the resulting strategy.

A Collaborative Mentality As behavioral strategists, we believe our clients can actually fix themselves. It is our job to assist them as they extract the “what” and ensure the success of the “how”.

Our greatest successes are the individuals and organizations who have internalized the training and skills. It’s these relationships that deepen into mentoring or coaching engagements where the design advice replaces onsite facilitation.