Process and Success

​Addressing the dysfunctions that hinder a team or organization from being truly high performing remains our greatest strength. It is the specificity and creativity of our designs that can help the team or individual members increase their effectiveness, while adding our contributions to the stream of “live” challenges. Each team and each organization is unique and there is no roadmap to an easy solution.

Organizations and teams tend to be crisis reactive and armed with an inadequate repertoire of responses to overcome challenges and ensuing tensions. Most people, and teams, run on old behavior habits, limiting their own “choices”, it is our task – through intervention, facilitation or training - to help them expand their choices.

We strive to impart diagnostic and design skills to our clients so they can pinpoint team and systemic issues and craft their own solutions – helping internalize the questions that guide them toward the best possible design for the situation at hand. The result is more resourceful, resilient and productive organization.

  1. The LDP as a Vehicle of Change - How a Powerful Leader’s Behavior changed the culture of his team.
  2. Team Building - Creating A New Cabinet for a New Country
  3. Unanticipated Consequences - The Mandela Revolution
  4. Overcoming Conflict and Antipathy - How to Build a Nuclear Plant
  5. Team Performance – Finding Mojo in an Ivy League University
  6. Taking Executive Coaching to the Next Level - Saving the President’s Job 
  7. Performance Management - Bringing Balance to the Lives of University Physicians
  8. Reducing False Positives  – Avoiding the Headhunter Debacle
  9. Organizational Change - An Easy Win for an Out of Touch Boss
  10. Dramatic Culture Change – A Simple Creative Design

Our greatest successes are the individuals and organizations who have internalized the training and skills. It’s these relationships that deepen into a mentoring or coaching engagements where the design advice or training conversation replaces onsite facilitation