A Collaborative Mentality

Often, what is perceived as the problem is not the cause. Addressing dysfunctions that hinder high performance requires solutions that meet the special interests and unique needs of every organization, team or individual. We offer a wide variety of data based, custom designed facilitation, training, coaching and consultation services.

While we are quite capable of being prescriptive, as behavioral strategists, we believe our clients can fix themselves. It is our job to assist them as they extract the “what” and ensure the success of the “how” through diagnosis and the art of design. 


We see diagnosis as equal to the eventual intervention targeted to diminish factors inhibiting high performance. These factors diagnosed may include:

  • Current effectiveness of any team and its leadership
  • Readiness to undertake a complex strategic plan, challenge to the existing culture or critical change initiative
  • Areas of needed leadership development
  • Factors inhibiting individual or team accountability
  • Gaps in succession planning
  • Sources of unresolved or budding conflicts such as:
    • Personal conflicts that block an individual’s effectiveness
    • interpersonal issues between two or more people
    • Intra-team issues threatening team performance or cohesion 
    • Inter-team issues when success depends on cooperation and trust
    • Systemic/organizational conflicts that need resolution “now”


What differentiates us from other consulting organizations is our ability to design the most creative and engaging interventions to address the unresolved issues. 

Our goal is to impart the art of diagnosis and design to our clients so they can internalize the questions to pinpoint team and systemic issues and craft their own solutions. The result is more resourceful, resilient and productive organization.