Our Approach to Coaching and Consultation - An Integrated Process

Effective coaching demands empathic listening, a diagnostic mentality and skills to address the problems with imagination and structure. Most importantly, the coach must have the ability to design strategies to adapt and alter behaviors as well as sustain the positive outcomes to avoid regression to ingrained ingrained habits. An integrated process to coaching and consultation requires:

  • Looking beyond what is being said and focusing on what is needed. 
  • Involvement of those affected by the problem and responsible for initiating any change.
  • The change leaders have the appropriate tools and skills to facilitate success. The ability to adapt and alter behavior to change ingrained habits that until this time have always worked.
  • Strategy to sustain the positive outcomes and changes since the tendency is to regress to old habits and behaviors.

There are other considerations, of course. But these tend to keep us both adept and nimble.

You can only take a person, group or system where they are ready to go. Our enthusiasm and good ideas matter little if the client isn’t ready for them.