Conflict: Inevitable and Essential

​We live in an increasingly conflict and risk-averse society and much of the conflict that should be addressed goes underground and festers. This can influence morale and productivity as well as impede innovation and stifle creativity.

With the proper training and practice, managing conflict can be stimulating, rewarding and challenging. Done skillfully, it will increase team and organizational cohesion, effectiveness and performance.

We work with individuals, teams and organizations in conflict management workshops, or coach them individually to support the expansion of their repertoire of responses to conflict situations. Most people find conflict threatening since how we handle it is very personal to who we are. Our job is to make it interesting – even fascinating.

The focus of our work may include:

  1. Dealing with difficult people
  2. Working with the natural conflicts in relation to power and authority
  3. Resolving differences that exist between individuals or within a team
  4. Assessing the existence of conflict – bringing conflict to the surface
  5. Turning feedback from an enemy to an ally – essential in conflict management
  6. Learning the art of negotiation – life is a negotiation and a key skill in collaboration
  7. Increasing trust so that conflict is not feared within the group or the team
  8. Resolving conflicts among cliques and sub-groups
  9. Using paradox as a means of conflict resolution

The world is increasingly conflict averse because of fear of potential negative consequences. Yet, conflict is unavoidable in life, and creatively essential in innovation. How we deal with it requires new skills and new ways of thinking.