Reducing False Positives – a Learned Skill

Ask any leader what's the most important task for which they feel the least prepared

Yet, false positives (hiring the wrong person in spite of positive resumes and appearances) costs the average organization thousands to millions of dollars a year in poor performances, morale problems and the unnecessary cost of head hunters. 


Increasingly leaders offload the responsibility of hiring to headhunters to “fill the empty seats on the bus” and, generally, care little who the warm body is that fills them. Headhunters provide leaders someone to blame when the hire turns sour.

The candidate’s personal goal, naturally, is to “win” the job – since, once hired, it's more difficult to be fired. Thus, resumes, interviews and recommendations can, together, be a minefield of deception for the ill-trained naive leader.


Performance Hiring and the Power Interview - The key is to learn how to determine whether the candidate can actually do what he or she says they can. 

The Power Interview is a skill-based process that allows the candidate to demonstrate their capacity in measurable ways in which each finalist is faced with the same behavioral challenges. 

We will demonstrate how to gain a pool of qualified candidates, how to reduce a large group to a final group of four candidates, and how to on-board new hires.