High Impact Tools and Activities for Strategic Planning.

​Traditional strategic planning, is costly and has a ROI of 34% (Harvard Business Review)  The culprit? Culture. Even the smartest strategy will fail if it conflicts with the culture - the existing behaviors, beliefs and decision-making processes. It is the ownership of the process and engagement of the constituents that is proven to be the critical differentiator in successful strategic planning and cultural change. 

We wrote the book describing how to initiate and drive change - including 40 carefully crafted strategic designs to facilitate essential collaboration from the beginning of the change initiative through its successful implementation. Based up our initial assessment, if a pre-existing design or strategy isn't the best "fit" for you, a customized design will be created by our facilitators.

To support sustainability of the change initiative, simultaneously we strive to infuse the team or organization with the tools and skills to ensure the the success of the current initiative and be prepared to address future challenges. We teach change by doing change.

  • Think and act strategically
  • Engage critical constituencies in the change process
  • Overcome the inevitable resistance to change
  • Create “we” from the beginning of the process
  • Benchmark the progress of change
  • Sustain the change over time
  • Turn fear into celebration
  • Institutionalize the tools and skills of any change effort for use in the future