Theory, Experience, Practice

​​The following topics are examples of Presentations or Keynotes frequently expanded to workshops that are tailored to the needs of each client, addressing “real” issues in “live” time. While they can be used toward the resolution of existing conflicts, they can also supplement a toolkit that we can leave with the client so that they will have an array of new choices for the future.

Developing the Courage to Act Within Your Team - Overcoming the Seduction of the Leader

​For leaders who wish to reduce seduction and increase the courage of team members – and themselves as leaders – to speak the truth, to take risks, and to build rigor and discipline into their work. It is a value-based and skill-driven program that provides a strategy if the leader is willing to act.

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Taking Back the Most Crucial Leadership Decision – Hiring

​This program focuses on hiring – Performance Hiring – to be exact. The goal is to put back the hiring process back into the leader’s hands along with the skills to reduce false positives. Engage critical members of the hiring team in an event that will strengthen the team and its core values creating a strong foundation for managing the new hire’s performance. Thus, culture and quality is improved while, over time, substantial dollars are saved.

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The Demise of Mediocrity Performance Management - Bringing Accountability and Personal Development Back To the Workplace

​Supervision is an investment, it increases productivity and boosts morale. 

For leaders who believe that engagement, ongoing feedback and measured accountability are worthy of their time and the time of their employees. Not appropriate for a short-term view of management, feeding off reaction rather than thoughtful planning and strategic actions.

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The Failure of 360 Feedback - The Founder Talks About How to Make it Work for You

​To be successful in the use of 360 feedback, there are essential fundamentals frequently overlooked. Most 360 assessments are over-priced, under-valued and misused. This program will demonstrate a process that contributes positively to organizational health and individual development. 

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The Rigor of Intentional Leadership and the Art of Design - Death to Power Point, Boring, Mind-numbing and Unproductive Meetings

​How to engage team members or colleagues in the development of creative, challenging and dynamic work sessions that lift morale and increase the value of time spent. 

All levels of management should find this hands-on session to be interesting and worthy of their time.

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Time and Energy When There is No Time - Walking the Talk of Life Balance

​Designed for any leader out of control of their work-life, stressed at home, with limited repertoire for coping with such realities. Participants receive practical strategies to better manage their own life balance while modeling approaches for those who depend on them both at home and work.

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